Whisky tastings at The Farm Shed

Our wine and gin tastings have gone down so well here at The Farm Shed, so we have decided to offer guided tastings of some of Tasmania’s prize-winning whiskies to our visitors.

Tastings of five whiskies are $25, and you can choose from six types.

  • Hellyer Road 10 year old
  • Hellyer Road Pinot finish
  • Nonesuch Sloe Malt
  • Fannys Bay 46%
  • Fannys Bay 65%
  • Spring Bay Distillery

Most could be considered as coming from the Eastern side of Tasmania – Fannys Bay is near Bridport in the North East, Nonesuch is from Marion Bay in the South East and Spring Bay is from Triabunna.

While Hellyer Road hails from Burnie, there is a story behind their inclusion in our lineup. Recently a sales rep from Betta Milk turned up at The Farm Shed. We explained we love Betta Milk, being a cooperative of Tasmanian dairy farmers, but that we had chosen to use milk from the local Pyengana Dairy near St Helens.

The reps thought this was perfectly reasonable, then asked if we’d be interested in whisky, as their co-op also owned Hellyer Road. The rest, as they say, is history and we proudly offer it in our selection.

Come and try a tasting soon!

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Our Farm Shed wine glasses also work well for whisky
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