Maker of the Month – Guy Henderson

Guy Henderson with one of his 'bread boards'
Guy Henderson with one of his ‘bread boards’

The beautiful organic forms of Guy Henderson’s individually crafted ‘bread boards’ (a term he uses but which we think really undersells these stunning presentation platters) get a lot of attention here at The Farm Shed.

Tasmanian timber 'bread boards' handcrafted by Guy Henderson
Tasmanian timber ‘bread boards’ handcrafted by Guy Henderson

But they are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the creative output of this craftsman, whose work we first saw in a Sandy Bay gallery run by Julie Perry (the creator of our lovely ceramic ladies) a few years ago.

California native Guy married a Tasmanian and moved to Hobart way back in 1981.

“I always had a fascination for working with wood and was inspired by the beauty of Tasmanian timbers, but it is only since I retired a few years ago that I’ve had the time to really develop my passion.”

Guy designs and creates unique pieces, ranging from living room and dining furniture to the ‘bread boards’ and coat racks that we stock at The Farm Shed. But he loves a challenge.

“A couple of years back I made a clock (which was designed by Brian Law) as a gift for my daughter. The gears and workings were handcrafted entirely from timber – it’s a unique piece that was a lot of fun to make.

“And I recently made my first guitar.”

Guy is motivated by the love of the work rather than the need to make it into a business.

“If it’s interesting to me and can be made from wood, I like to have a go.

“I’m delighted to have The Farm Shed as an outlet, though,” he said.

“The money I make from these sales keeps me in router bits and other odds and ends I need to keep pursuing my passion.”

A talented and modest craftsman.

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  1. Amazing crafts, wines, food & service. Went in for coffee but ended by lunching. Really enjoyed the couple of hours

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