Virtual wine tasting schedule and wines

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first virtual wine tasting last Thursday – we had a great time. A special thanks to those who came and bought bottles of our featured Bream Creek wines so they could taste along!

We will be offering virtual wine tastings every Thursday through until the end of September and here is the list of wines we will be featuring. They are all available from our online shop (or will be soon) for home delivery if you’d like to do likewise.

Allow extra time for delivery

Bear in mind that postage times are a bit longer than usual at this time and we cannot guarantee deliveries will be with you quickly, so please order 2 – 3 weeks ahead, especially if you are if interstate.

Free shipping on phone orders

We will offer free shipping within Australia if you order and pay direct with us over the phone – please give us a call on (03) 6375 1868.


Clicking on each wine will open it up in our online shop.

1 14 May Bream Creek Schönburger ’19 Cabernet Merlot ’17
2 21 May Cape Bernier “Haphazard” Pinot Gris ’19 Reserve Pinot Noir ’17
3 28 May Six Friends Pinot Noir 2015
Overtime Pinot Noir 2017
4 4 June Darlington Sauvignon Blanc ’19 Pinot Noir ’18
5 11 June Hurly Burly “Madge” Ries/Chard’16 Cab Sauvignon ’18
6 18 June Boomer Creek Riesling ’16 Pinot Noir ’16
7 25 June Lisdillon Sauvignon Blanc ’19 Pinot Noir ’18
8 2 July Kelvedon Chardonnay ’16 Pinot Noir ’18
9 9 July Spring Vale Rose ’19 Estate Pinot Noir ’17
10 16 July Milton Riesling ’18 Shiraz ’17
11 23 July Craigie Knowe Pinot Gris White Label ’19 Cab Sauv ’16
12 30 July The Bend Riesling ’19 Cab Sauv ’13
13 6 Aug Gala Rose ’18 Black Label Pinot N ’17
14 13 Aug Devil’s Corner Resolution Pinot Gris ’19 Mount Amos Pinot Noir 
15 20 Aug Freycinet Riesling ’18 Shiraz ’15
16 27 Aug Sterling Heights Reserve Gamay ’15
Over the Edge Petit Verdot ’15
17 3 Sept MacLean Bay Sparkling Rose ’13 Pinot Noir ’17
18 10 Sept Apsley Gorge Chardonnay ’17 Pinot Noir ’17
19 17 Sept Ironhouse Sauvignon Blanc ’18 Temperanillo
20 24 Sept Priory Ridge  Pinot Gris ’19 Pinot Noir ’17


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