Virtual Wine Tasting Week 14 – Devil’s Corner

Fresh home from a culinary short break on Bruny Island, Subi and Helen from The Farm Shed East Coast Wine Centre have brought back some tasty morsels to complement this week’s tastings.

Devil’s Corner is one of the biggest producers on the East Coast, and throughout Tasmania. The ladies share insights into Devil’s Corner’s ownership by the Brown Brothers family – Australian wine royalty – and into the finer points of marketing and brand positioning.

Devil’s Corner is well known as an affordable Tasmanian wine, produced in quantities sufficiently large to stock national retailers and to sell at a price that allows it to be a regular indulgence.

But that’s not what the girls are tasting tonight. Instead, they sample drops from the brand’s prestige labels, aimed at restaurants and special-occasion consumption. It’s a fascinating talk, full of their customary insights and some pretty tasty food matching suggestions too.


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