Virtual Wine Tasting Week 19 – Iron House

In this week’s virtual wine tasting, Helen and Subi from The Farm Shed East Coast Wine Centre travel a few kilometres north from Bicheno to taste wines from Iron House Vineyard.

As they tell us, it’s a journey much easier now that there is a highway all the way and it’s no longer necessary to wind up the mountains to St Marys and back down again, as was necessary until just a few decades ago.

Iron House is a sort of East Coast playground for grownups (and families, too). In its stunning location right on the coast, it offers accommodation, dining, a brewery, distillery and a vineyard – although it is not yet a winery.

But that too is about to change, according to post-tasting intelligence received from Subi – they are about to build a winery and will employ their own wine maker. So it’s an essential stop as you head along the Great Eastern Drive.

The ladies taste a Sauvignon Blanc and a Temperanillo – and Helen gives us some insight into the meaning of the name behind this Portuguese variety. And – as ever – they have some wonderful suggestions for tasty morsels to accompany the wines.


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