Three new vineyards now in stock

The East Coast Wine Region is growing! We have recently added stock from three ‘new’ vineyards to The Farm Shed’s shelves.

Ossa Wines, Mayfield Estate and Bentley’s Wildside Wines take us to 25 vineyards, and over 100 wines. These new wines are now available, in store or via our online shop, so grab a few bottles and give these newcomers a taste.

Each, naturally, brings with it another story, which we love sharing with our customers, so here’s a little introduction.

Bentley’s Wildside Wines

Steve (and friend!) from Bentley’s Wildside Wines (via Instagram)

Barbara and Nigel Bentley planted vines at their Wildside vineyard in Orford in 1999, when Nigel retired and needed a “project”. Nigel turned 82 this year and continues his love of growing grapes, but he is increasingly becoming interested in winemaking, which has been the domain of son Steve for the past 15 years.

Their two little paddocks grow Pinot Noir (average 1200-1500 bottles) and Chardonnay (average 800 bottles annually) and somehow–we are not sure how–they have 19 Cabernet Sauvignon vines as well!

Previously only sold to friends and folk around the local Orford area, but now that Steve is also retiring, they have ramped up production and we are pleased to showcase their efforts here at The Farm Shed.

Ossa Wines

Vines at Ossa Wines (via Ossa Wines)

Cecile and Rod purchased their 600 hectare Belbrook farm between Cranbrook and Swansea and planted 20 hectares of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Grüner Veltiner, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc–an experimental mix of varieties.

The farm is totally off-grid, with an extensive solar system and the Roberts are committed to maintaining a carbon positive status. Noxious plant species (especially gorse) have been removed, wildlife zones created and waterways cleaned. Thousands of native trees have been planted and Cecile’s bees help pollinate everything within reach.

Fertile alluvial farming soil mixed with iron content washed down from the hills combine with the microclimate on the Wye River to create a good terroir for this vineyard.

Mayfield Estate

Mayfield Estate has stunning views of the Freycinet Peninsula across Great Oyster Bay. Image via Australia’s Guide

The Dunbabin family arrived in Tasmania in the 1820s and moved to the east coast from Marion Bay in the southeast in 1969. With three young boys in tow, Joyce and Robert made Mayfield the family farm, specialising to this day in superfine merino wool.

Youngest brother Bruce remains on Mayfield while middle brother Tim is “Six Friends” from the Burnside estate and oldest brother Michael farms and produces wine at Milton. Vines were planted at Mayfield in 2010 and grown on contract for Accolade wines for use in the Arras Grand Vintage and Blanc de Blanc ranges.

In 2022, Mayfield Estate released their first vintage under their own label with a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Rose and Sparkling “Belle” in their initial range with more to come. Excess grapes continue to be sold for Arras wines.

We are thrilled to stock wines from these and all 25 (count ’em!) East Coast Wine Region vineyards. Please drop in and try some next time you are passing through Bicheno, and let us tell you the rest ther stories.

Wildside wines on the shelf at The Farm Shed East Coast Wine Centre
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